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CWF represents a revolutionary new generation Wire Constant Tension Feeding device, unique in terms of functionality and performance, capable of adjusting with utmost accuracy the tension of the finest wire range in coil winding processes.

An innovative Solution based on the BTSR Dual-Drive Feeding System, Tension Profiler Function and Double Loop Control System bringing new and unique measurable benefits in terms of TOP Quality Control and Production Efficiency in coil winding processes.


CWF 2000 ensures the highest coil winding quality and repeatability, thanks to BTSR 'Double Closed Loop' Technology guaranteeing the most accurate and precise wire tension control.

The advanced BTRS MOTOR TORQUE Control System detects and adjust wire imput feeding tension change, thus avoiding undesired wire stretches.

Tension Profiler Function (BTSR Patent) - possibility to program up to 3 different wire feeding tension values without any interface/connection to the coil winding machine or up to 4 different wire feeding tension values during winding cycle, utilizing two digital outputs.

Wire 'Storage and Release' capability (BTSR Patent) - able to manage sudden wire absorption or release during the working process and simultaneously keeping the wire feeding tension at the set value.

Fully programmable - easy parameter setting (Tension Profiler, % tolerances, ...) for diversified working conditions.

A wide application range - A single device able to cover a wide wire tension and diameter range.

Technical Features

  • Programmable tension range 0,5g ÷ 2000 g (cN) with resolution 1g and 0,5 g ÷ 200 g (cN) with resolution 0,1 g
  • Wire diameter 0,014 ÷ 0,6 mm - 55 ÷ 23 AWG
  • Wire tension set-up resolution 0,1 / 1 g.
  • Feeding speed range 0,1 ÷ 25 m/s - 6 ÷ 1500 mt/min
  • LWA function: exact wire consumption measuring (Length Wire Absorption) with resolution of 0,1 mm.
  • Programming - CWF 2000 Editor / CANBUS / User Interface 485.
  • Ergonomic and small dimensions (325x251x70 mm).
  • Power supply voltage 24VDC ± 10% - 24 VAC ± 20%.
  • Special universal fixing support for easy and quick installation.

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Advanced Digital Display for real-time operational information reading.

Ergonomic Keys for easy operation and synchronized alarm signaling

Automatic Compensation Arm for wire 'Storage and Release'

Dual Drive Feeding System for controlling and maintaining a constant winding feeding tension  

Wire pretensioner cleaner and high accuracy tension sensor load cell

MATRIX TOUCH COIL allows to memorize, load, visualize and control even in graphic way the wire tension, speed and wire consumption (LWA)


Main Application Processes


Wire Preparation Process
Semi and full automatic Coil winding processes

Main Manufacturing Sectors

Electrical Appliances
Medical (Hearing aids, antenna, micro motors)
Electrical (Switch, relais, transformers, deviators...) Sensors
Consume electronic (Mobile phones)
SMD / SMT technologies
Watch industry
Motor preparation


UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004
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