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Research & Development

Know-how, Planning Skill, Development 'on demand'


In our company we work according to the Quality System standards, and with a strong ‘Problem Solving’ orientation, since the early planning stage; all the customer requirements and expectations are deeply analyzed in order to find the best and technologically most advanced solutions.
In our R&D laboratories, a team of experts studies and designs exclusive products, aimed at a full "Customer Satisfaction".

After the design feasibility check, a specialized department with the aid of advanced CAD tools fulfills the product engineering both from Mechanical point of view, i.e. Design and product Ergonomy, and from Electronic point of view, i.e. PCBs and special "custom" components.

In our Software R&D area, another team of engineers is involved in Software development, the earth of all BTSR products.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004
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